Robert P. Zerwekh

"I have been oil painting since the early 1970s and I am essentially a self-taught artist. Most of my paintings are done in the highly-realistic "tromp l'oeil" (fool the eye) manner. My artistic direction has been greatly influenced by a variety of 19th and 20th century realist painters, particularly the school of William Michael Harnett. However, beyond simply depicting subjects in a realistic way, I hope that each of my paintings has elements of abstraction, can be enjoyed on different levels of artistic sophistication and occasionally has a touch of humor."

Born: February 25, 1939 in Peoria, Illinois.


B.S. in Metallurgy from the Missouri School of Mines (now Missouri-Rolla)
M.S. in Metallurgy from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign
Ph.D. in Metallurgy from Iowa State University
Currently an academic administrator and professor of engineering management at the University of Kansas.

Formal Art Training: One 2-hour course at the Kansas City Art Institute. Otherwise a self-taught artist.

Shows and recognition: Served as the president of the Lawrence Art Guild in the early 1980s. The artwork has appeared in about 80 juried and invitational shows, as well as the major national exhibit "Getting Real" in 1994-95. Awards have ranged from honorable mention to best of show, including a recent Best of Show award at Lawrence Art in the Park in May of 2001.

Collections and commissions: About 30 commissioned works reside in collections across the United States.


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